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Junos OS Commands: What Show Route Does

By Walter J. Goralski, Cathy Gadecki, Michael Bushong

The foundation command for monitoring all the routing information on your router is the show route command. This command has a host of various knobs and parameters that you can use to fine-tune your quest for knowledge, and following are the most useful versions of that command:

  • show route (no modifiers): The base show route command, issued with no modifiers, gives you a basic listing of the routes in your routing table. This information is helpful when you’re trying to figure out whether an expected route is actually present, which is typically a first step toward finding out why devices in your network are unreachable.

  • show route detail: This more detailed view of the routing information includes a significant amount of additional information for each route in the routing table, which is useful when troubleshooting routing issues. This command is typically the second step in diagnosing a routing problem (following the base show route command).

  • show route summary: The summary command gives you some high-level statistics about the routes that are in your routing table. It tells you how many routes are in the routing table for each protocol.

  • show route exact: The exact modifier allows you to see only a specific route or route prefix, which should be used in conjunction with the appropriate detail modifiers (brief, terse, detail, or extensive).