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Juniper Expands Junos from Network OS to Full Platform

By Walter J. Goralski, Cathy Gadecki, Michael Bushong

Juniper has expanded its Junos software portfolio beyond the operating system, adding new capabilities to link into the application space as well as client software for mobile and personal computing devices.

Together, the Junos operating system, the Junos Space network application platform, and the Junos Pulse client form the Junos Platform. By integrating these software layers of the network into one platform, Juniper is expanding the ways that applications can interact with the network from the cloud out to the end user.

As part of the Junos Platform, Juniper provides a set of programming interfaces and software development kits (SDKs) that developers can use to specify the application interactions. Unlike other platforms that merely enable third parties to interface through APIs, these SDKs give application developers a broad set of development interfaces and tools to build a wide variety of applications richly integrated to the Junos Platform.

Junos Space application development and hosting

Junos Space is an open network platform for developing and hosting applications that interact with the network. The Junos Space platform provides multilayered network abstractions and workflows that allow users to automate network operations and increase operator efficiency.

The software includes a scalable runtime environment with multitenant, hot-pluggable network application support, a network application development framework, and a web 2.0 user interface.

Junos Space provides a development environment for fast development of network-aware applications. The application development framework includes a common infrastructure, a software development kit (SDK) with prebuilt core services and widgets to allow easy user-interface prototyping, and standards-based APIs for third-party application integration. Using the Junos Space SDK, developers have the option of creating different classes of applications. These include mashups, customized business process workflows, and native applications.

Junos Pulse mobile application client

Junos Pulse is an integrated, multi-service network client to secure and control application delivery on mobile and personal computing devices. The client is both identity- and location-aware, enabling seamless migration from one access method to another so that users effortlessly, yet securely, retain access to their applications regardless of their location.

Users can download the Junos Pulse client free of charge from most mobile application stores. In this way, the solution can support not only devices managed by the network provider, but also those managed by the user.

Once installed, the client provides secure, authenticated access to corporate networks and resources using SSL VPN technology. Junos Pulse provides a comprehensive mobile security, management, and control solution to protect end devices from viruses, malware, spam, loss, theft, physical compromise, and other threats.