How to Apply Onboard Automation with Junos OS - dummies

How to Apply Onboard Automation with Junos OS

By Walter J. Goralski, Cathy Gadecki, Michael Bushong

Junos automation is a broad suite of tools for automating the methods and procedures of operating a network. Automation can not only save your team time, it also helps to assure high performance in the operation of the network. In addition, it helps you manage greater scale in the network by simplifying complex tasks.

The toolsets enable you to automate a majority of the commands used within the Junos command line, further control the commit process, and automate the response to defined events.

Automation Function Automation Trigger Automation Activity
Operations Automation Instructs Junos as prompted by the command line and other
Creates custom commands for specific solution/user needs.
Combines a series of iterative steps to diagnose network
Automates configuration changes.
Event Automation Instructs Junos of actions to take in response to events on the
device or in the network.
Gathers relevant troubleshooting info and correlates events
from leading indicators.
Automates event responses with a set of actions.
Automates time-of-day configuration changes.
Configuration Automation Instructs Junos during the commit process. Abstracts complex configuration into a simple set of
variable-based commands.
Provides change management to avert and correct misconfiguration.
Enforces best practices and business rules.

The Juniper website offers a wealth of resources and tools that you can use to get started with Junos automation, including a library of templates to customize and run on your device.

Be sure to look for the “Day One” series on Junos automation to learn more about automating the methods and procedures of your network. The books provide step-by-step instructions and lots of examples, whether you are automating operations or configuration or want to set up event policies.

Then head over to the Junos Automation community page to find experts who share the latest tips and can answer your questions.