How to Create a Virtual Machine - dummies

By Doug Lowe

After you’ve created a virtual disk, creating a virtual machine to use it is a straightforward affair. You start with the New Virtual Machine Wizard. Follow these steps:

1From Hyper-V Manager, choose New and then choose Virtual Machine.

This brings up the New Virtual Machine Wizard.

2Click Next.

The Specify Name and Location page appears.

3Enter the name you want to use for your virtual machine.

You can choose any name you want here.

4Specify the location of the virtual machine's configuration file.

Every virtual machine has an XML file associated with it that defines the configuration of the virtual machine. You can allow this file to be stored in the default location, or you can override the default and specify a custom location.

5Click Next.

The Specify Generation page appears.

6Specify the generation you want to use for the new virtual machine.

In most cases, you should opt for Generation 2, which uses newer technology than Generation 1 machines. Use Generation 1 only if the guest operating system will be earlier than Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8.

7Click Next.

The Assign Memory page appears.

8Indicate the amount of RAM you want to allocate for the new machine.

The default is 512MB, but you’ll almost certainly want to increase that.

Click the Use Dynamic Memory for This Virtual Machine option, which improves memory performance.

9Click Next.

The Configure Networking page appears.

10Select the virtual switch you want to use for the virtual machine.

This is the point where you realize why you needed to create a virtual switch before you start creating virtual machines. Use the Connection drop-down list to select the virtual switch you want to connect to this VM.

11Click Next.

The Connect Virtual Hard Disk page appears.

12Assuming you've already created a virtual disk for the virtual machine, choose the Use an Existing Virtual Hard Disk option, click Browse, and locate and select the virtual disk.

If you haven’t already created a virtual disk, you can use the Create a Virtual Hard Disk option and create one now.

13Click Next.

A summary page is displayed indicating the selections you’ve made.

14Click Finish.

The virtual machine is created.