How to Connect to a Wireless Network in Windows 10

By Doug Lowe

Connecting to a wireless network on a Windows computer is straightforward. Windows automatically detects any wireless networks that are in range and displays them in a list when you tap the Wireless icon at the bottom of the screen, as shown here.

Choosing a wireless network in Windows 10.
Choosing a wireless network in Windows 10.

To connect to a network, just tap it, and then enter the security key when prompted. If the key is correct, you’ll be connected.

At the time you connect, you can choose to connect to the network automatically whenever it’s in range. If you select this option, you won’t have to select the network manually or enter the security key; you’ll just be connected automatically.

Windows remembers every network you connect to, which is a plus for networks you frequently use but a drawback for networks you’ll likely never use again. To tell Windows to forget a network, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, and then tap Settings.

    The Settings window appears.

  2. Click Network & Internet.

    This brings up the Network & Internet page, which lists the known networks.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list of known networks, and then click Manage Wi-Fi Settings.

    This brings up the Manage Wi-Fi Settings page, which includes a section titled Manage Known Networks.

  4. In the Manage Known Networks section, click the network you want to forget.

    The network is selected, as shown here.

    Forgetting a wireless network in Windows 10.
    Forgetting a wireless network in Windows 10.
  5. Tap Forget.

    The network will be forgotten. To log into this network again, you’ll have to enter the security key.