Enterprise Mobile Device: Personal Nokia Device Backup and Restore - dummies

Enterprise Mobile Device: Personal Nokia Device Backup and Restore

By Rich Campagna, Subbu Iyer, Ashwin Krishnan, Mark Bauhaus

Educating your employees on security includes training them on how and why to perform regular data backups for their Nokia devices. Use of that backed up data to perform restores and data transfers is also an important topic for you to disseminate to your users.

Backing up Nokia devices

For Nokia devices such as the E-series or N-series phones, you can use the Nokia PC Suite to backup the following types of data from your phone to a computer:

  • User files from the phone (includes videos, music, and other user documents)

  • Contacts and Calendar

  • Notes and Messages

  • Settings

  • Bookmarks

The Nokia PC Suite is currently available only for Windows PCs. It’s available for download at europe.nokia.com/support/download-software/pc-suites

Not all Nokia devices are supported by the Nokia PC Suite. Be sure to use the PC Suite application to check the compatibility of your specific Nokia device. You can do so at europe.nokia.com/support/download-software/pc-suites/compatibility-and-download

To backup data or apps from a Nokia device to a computer, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Connect the device to the computer.

  2. Start the Nokia PC Suite application and select Backup.

  3. In the next window, select Backup to backup the device.

    A Restore option is also available to restore contents to your device.

  4. Select a suitable location to which to save the backed-up file.

  5. Select Next to start the backup.

If you want to backup specific types of data, such as only your photos or videos, you can customize the PC Suite to do so. When the PC Suite starts up on your Windows PC and prompts you for backup options, select the required content types to backup. You can select any or all of the supported content types, such as user files, contacts, calendar, and phone settings.

Restoring data from Nokia devices

The procedure for restoring data to Nokia devices is nearly identical to the procedure for backing up data. To restore data to your Nokia devices, such as the E-series or N-series phones, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the device to your computer.

  2. Start the Nokia PC Suite application and select Restore.

  3. Browse to the backed-up file whose contents you want to restore.

  4. Select Next to start the restoration.

Transferring data between Nokia Symbian devices

Nokia Symbian devices have a program called Switch that enables you to transfer data and apps from one device to another, or keep two Symbian devices in sync.

Follow these steps to transfer data from an old Symbian device to a new one:

  1. Start the Switch option by choosing Menu→Settings→Connectivity→Data Transfer→Switch.

  2. Set a connection type to the appropriate method.

    For example, if both devices support Bluetooth, select it as the method to connect them.

  3. Connect the two devices by entering a code on both devices.

    Entering the same code on both devices allows them to be paired.

  4. On the new Symbian device, select the content to be transferred from the other device.

    The transfer of data proceeds, transferring the information you selected from the old device to the new one.