Setting Calendar Preferences in Goldmine - dummies

Setting Calendar Preferences in Goldmine

By Joel Scott

When you click the Calendar tab to display the Goldmine Calendar preferences dialog box, most of the choices are pretty self-explanatory. You can set up GoldMine to reflect your normal working hours and the days of the week you usually work. These choices affect how your calendar is displayed.

Click the Holidays button, and on the dialog box that appears, enter company holidays so that GoldMine won’t schedule activities on those days. If you don’t have Master access rights, ask your system administrator to take care of this task. The holidays are entered only once and are then in place in the schedule for everyone in the company.

You can actually schedule holidays based on the country in which you operate, as well as schedule personal holidays, such as your birthday or anniversary.

You may find that the Auto Roll-Over options are some of the most significant ones available in the Calendar preferences dialog box. Are you used to coming into the office and having an overwhelming number of phone calls scheduled for you? Try as you might, you never seem to be able to make them all. If you do manage to make most of them, then you might want the remaining ones to be on your schedule for the next day. That’s exactly what Auto Roll-Over does. It takes activities that you have not completed by the end of a particular day and moves them to the next day’s schedule.

You should select all the Auto Roll-Over options except auto-forwarding of appointments. Just because you didn’t make it to that appointment with the IRS yesterday at 2:00 p.m. doesn’t mean that you should show up there today at 2:00 p.m.

If you are part of a corporate GoldMine installation and you use GoldSync, then the Sync Rollover option needs to be checked. It never hurts to check it, anyway.