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FileMaker Pro Design & Scripting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From FileMaker Pro Design and Scripting For Dummies

By Timothy Trimble

Whether you’re new to FileMaker Pro or an experienced user, get to know the most commonly used script functions and some handy shortcuts and you’ll be developing and managing data in a flash. If you need some help troubleshooting, a variety of websites are available with tips on using FileMaker.

Popular FileMaker Script Functions

A function tells FileMaker what action to perform, and there are a lot of functions available. Take a look at the most commonly used functions and a brief explanation when building scripts in FileMaker Pro:

Function Description
Go to Layout Loads and displays a specific layout
Go to Record/Request/Page Loads and displays a specific record, request, or page
Go to Field Sets the focus on a specific field
Go to Next Field Sets the focus on the next field in the layout tab order
Go to Previous Field Sets the focus on the previous field in the layout tab
Set Field Stores a value in the field
New Record/Request Creates a new record in the current table
Delete Record/Request Deletes the current record
Move/Resize Window Sets the position and size of the current window
Show/Hide Status Area Toggles the hiding or showing of the status area
Enter Browse Mode Puts the current layout into Browse mode
Enter Find Mode Puts the current layout into Find mode
Enter Preview Mode Puts the current layout into Preview mode

FileMaker Shortcut Keys

Whether you’re working with FileMaker on a Mac or on a PC, take advantage of these handy shortcuts for some common functions of FileMaker Pro and you’ll be managing your databases with ease:


FileMaker Pro Web Resources

Having trouble figuring out how to do something with FileMaker Pro? Refer to the following websites for current FileMaker Pro information, answers to questions, and tips and techniques from other FileMaker users.

Site URL Description The home of FileMaker Pro. A great source of information and instruction. The forum is a
great place to hang out with other FileMaker users. A great site for FileMaker news items. Another great hangout for FileMaker developers. FileMaker user groups — a great way to meet FileMaker
users in your area. A cool site for anything related to FileMaker.