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How to Be an Active (ISC)2 Member

By Lawrence C. Miller, Peter H. Gregory

Being an active International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 member is easy! Besides volunteering, you can participate in several other activities including:

  • Attend the (ISC)2 Congress. For years, (ISC)2 rode the coattails of ASIS (formerly the American Society for Industrial Security — we blame Kentucky Fried Chicken for becoming “KFC” and starting the trend of businesses and organizations dropping the original meaning behind their acronyms!) and occupied a corner of the ASIS annual conference. But in 2016, (ISC)2 decided it was time to strike out on its own and run its own conference. In 2017, one of your authors (first name starts with a P) attended and spoke at the first (ISC)2 Congress and found it to be a first-class affair that’s every bit as good as those other great national and global conferences. Find out about the next (ISC)2 Congress.
  • Vote in (ISC)2 elections. Every year, one-third of the (ISC)2 Board of Directors is elected to serve three-year terms. As a CISSP in good standing, you’ve earned the right to vote in the (ISC)2 elections. Exercise your right! The best part of this is becoming familiar with other CISSPs who run for board positions. You can read their biographies and understand their agendas if elected. With your vote, you’re doing your part to make sure that the future of (ISC)2 rests in good hands with directors that can provide capable leadership and vision.
  • Attend (ISC)2 events. (ISC)2 conducts several events each year, from networking receptions to conferences and educational events. (ISC)2 often holds gatherings at larger industry conferences such as RSA and BlackHat. Check back regularly on the (ISC)2 website to find out more about events in your area.
  • Join an (ISC)2 chapter. (ISC)2 has chapters around the world. There are many great opportunities to get involved in local chapters, including chapter leadership, participation in chapter activities, and participation in community outreach projects. Chapter events are also great opportunities to meet other infosec professionals.

It’s important that (ISC)2 has your correct contact information. As soon as you become a CISSP (or before, even), make sure your profile is correct and complete, so that you can receive announcements for these and other activities.