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Big Data Analytics Solutions Vendors

By Judith Hurwitz, Alan Nugent, Fern Halper, Marcia Kaufman

A number of vendors on the market today support the growing need with big data solutions for your business. Here is a listing of a few solutions that you may find interesting:

  • IBM is taking an enterprise approach to big data and integrating across the platform including embedding/bundling its analytics. Its products include a warehouse (InfoSphere warehouse) that has its own built-in data-mining and cubing capability. Its new PureData Systems (a packaging of advanced analytics technology into an integrated systems platform) includes many packaged analytical integrations.

    Its InfoSphere Streams product is tightly integrated with its Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) statistical software to support real-time predictive analytics, including the capability to dynamically update models based on real-time data. It is bundling a limited-use license of Cognos Business Intelligence with its key big data platform capabilities (enterprise-class Hadoop, stream computing, and warehouse solutions).

  • SAS provides multiple approaches to analyze big data via its high-performance analytics infrastructure and its statistical software. SAS provides several distributed processing options. These include in-database analytics, in-memory analytics, and grid computing. Deployments can be on-site or in the cloud.

  • Tableau, a business analytics and data visualization software company, offers its visualization capabilities to run on top appliances and other infrastructure offered by a range of big data partners, including Cirro, EMC Greenplum, Karmasphere, Teradata/Aster, HP Vertica, Hortonworks, ParAccel, IBM Netezza, and a host of others.

  • Oracle offers a range of tools to complement its big data platform called Oracle Exadata. These include advanced analytics via the R programming language, as well as an in-memory database option with Oracle’s Exalytics in-memory machine and Oracle’s data warehouse. Exadata is integrated with its hardware platform.

  • Pentaho provides open source business analytics via a community and enterprise edition. Pentaho supports the leading Hadoop-based distributions and supports native capabilities, such as MapR’s NFS high-performance mountable file system.