Working with Your Digital Camera’s Focus - dummies

Working with Your Digital Camera’s Focus

Most digital cameras have autofocusing. A few fixed-focus cameras, which you can’t adjust, come prefocused for subjects at distances from about five feet to infinity. Other cameras have manual focus settings, usually for infinity, mid-distance, and close-up. Just follow these steps to focus your camera:

1Choose the subject of the photo.

Decide what you want to take a picture of.

2Set your camera’s manual focus to mid-distance focus.

Use your camera’s manual to find out how exactly to adjust this setting.

3Take your picture and review it for focus.

If the main part of the image is fuzzy, as shown in this figure, the subject is either too far or too near for the mid-distance setting.

4Change your position relative to the subject until what you want to take a picture of is in focus.

This figure’s in focus after the photographer moved closer to the subject.

5Lock in your focus.

Setting the camera to a One Shot AF mode can help preserve the focus when shooting subjects off-center.

6Take your shot.