How to Customize Filenames on Your Nikon D5600 - dummies

How to Customize Filenames on Your Nikon D5600

By Julie Adair King

Normally, image filenames on the Nikon D5600 camera begin either with the characters DSC_, for photos captured in the sRGB color space, or _DSC, for images that use the Adobe RGB color space. But you can change to any three-letter prefix you prefer. So, for example, you could replace DSC with TIM before you take pictures of your brother Tim’s family.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Shooting menu and select File Naming, as shown on the left.
    This option enables you to change the first three characters of filenames.

    You see the screen shown on the right in the figure. The current file naming structure for sRGB and Adobe RGB files appears on the screen.

  2. Select File Naming to display a text-entry keyboard.
  3. Enter three characters.

    Use the same techniques as you do when adding image comments, explained at the start of this chapter. The only difference is that this keyboard limits you to a single screen of numbers and letters. You can’t use a space, underscore, or other special characters in the filename.
  4. Press the Zoom In button or tap the rightmost OK symbol at the bottom of the screen.

    You return to the Shooting menu; the File Naming option should reflect the changes you just made.