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Using Light to Advantage When Shooting GoPro Movies

By John Carucci

Waiting for the right light when shooting a scene or movie on your GoPro camera shares similarities with going to the Department of Motor Vehicles; it’s essential, but sometimes it requires waiting, and other times, being in the proper direction. Obviously, early morning and late afternoon light is the most flattering, but don’t count out the clouds either, as their cover helps capture even illumination.

Whatever the case, many GoPro situations put you in a passive situation controlling the light. Consider the following:

  • Observe the direction of light: Make sure the action is effectively illuminated. It’s hard to always have the sun at your back, especially when the camera is separated from you. Nonetheless, the light must illuminate subject, not backlight it.
  • Take advantage of overcast condition: Cloud cover offers many advantages. You don’t have to worry about the direction of light because our cumulus friends act like a giant diffuser, providing a flattering illumination from all sides.
  • Shoot night scenes: Sometimes the subject is light, or at least illuminated, as shown.
  • Watch out for lens flare: That super wide-angle view is both a blessing and a curse. Actually, the wide-angle view is a blessing, but you need to keep an eye out for lens flair (that’s when light comes into the lens).
The primary light source for this scene is the subject itself, along with its reflection.