Capture Airborne Video with Your GoPro Camera - dummies

Capture Airborne Video with Your GoPro Camera

By John Carucci

If you like flying remote-control planes as much as you like making cool videos, you’ll love flying your GoPro camera on a quadcopter.

Here are a few cool ways to capture airborne video:

  • Fly it near fireworks. If you fly the quadcopter in safe areas (not over a large crowd or near a helicopter, for example), you can take an exciting new approach to filming a firework display.
  • Get an overhead shot of the beach. Flying the GoPro over a beach can create interesting views of the sun and surf.
  • Capture your town from above. It’s cool to look at a place you know well from an uncommon view. Capture everything from Main Street to your street for a fun and exciting video.

Abide by the rules. Always keep your quadcopter in your sight. Never fly it around another airborne vehicle or near an airport. And respect other people’s privacy.