How to Train Your Dog to Give Kisses - dummies

How to Train Your Dog to Give Kisses

Getting your dog to give you kisses is a real delight, unless you hate dog kisses. You can teach this trick quickly by association, simply saying “Kisses” whenever your dog licks you.

To train your dog to give someone else a kiss, a stick of butter is the best teaching tool. Ask a few people to help you out, and rub the backs of their hands with butter before you instruct your dog to give them a kiss.

Have them extend their hands, butter-side forward, to your dog and say “Kisses” as you point to the hand. Soon your dog will be seeking out hands to kiss, butter-coated or not! Add a hand signal by rubbing your right index finger on the back of your left hand, as though your finger is your dog’s tongue.

The kissing trick is handy if you have kids over. Putting butter on their hands will encourage licks, not jumping, though be sure that your children know that not all dogs like to give kisses. Teach them how to ask permission before racing up to a strange dog.

Some dogs get really addicted to giving kisses. If you can’t get your dog to stop, teach them the command “That’s Enough.” Keep a short leash on her dog and say “That’s Enough” in a pleasant but serious tone as you pull her head back from your hand.