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How to Choose a Dog Based on Fur Type

By Gina Spadafori, Marty Becker

When picking a preferred type of dog, you may consider what kind of fur the breed will be sharing with your household. All dogs are covered with fur, except for the hairless Chinese Crested and a couple of other rare hair-free breeds. Fur comes in an almost infinite variety of

  • Lengths: Boxer short to floor-dragging Komondor long.

  • Colors: Snowy white Samoyeds to glossy black Schipperke with whole ranges of reds and browns and grays — and apricot and Isabella (a Doberman brown) as well.

  • Patterns: Dalmatian spots, Doberman markings, Great Dane patches, some Boxers brindled strips, and the mottled mishmash of color known as merle in some Australian Shepherds, Collies, and Shelties. And don’t forget the unique markings mixed breeds can sport.

  • Texture: Velvety short, long and silky, or wiry — and that’s just in Dachshunds! Dogs have curly coats, wavy coats, rough coats, and smooth coats — not to mention undercoats in some breeds.

Some dogs, such as Poodles, need clipping every six weeks or so. You can learn to do the grooming yourself — your dog will probably survive the embarrassment — or you can take him to a groomer. If you choose the latter, that means money. Factor this in when deciding what type of dog to get.

If the hair is going to drive you crazy, think short-haired dog in a darker color so the shed fur won’t show as much.