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How Long Will a Portuguese Water Dog Live?

No one can predict how long your beloved Portuguese Water Dog will live, but the average life expectancy of the breed is 10-12 years.

According to a 2005 health survey by the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, common causes of death included cancer, old age, heart problems, accidental death, and kidney disease. While any dog of any breed may contract hemangiosarcoma, the Portuguese Water Dog is one of a handful of breeds in which it is seen more frequently. This particular type of cancer grows in the lining of blood vessels and most often appears in the spleen, heart, liver, and under the skin. Hemangiosarcoma is incurable, and grows slowly. It is painless, so frequently it is not detected until it’s in the advanced stages. Many dogs die of internal bleeding before the disease is ever diagnosed.

While these symptoms are not always present, nosebleeds, abdominal swelling, pale mucous membranes, and weakness may all be symptoms of hemangiosarcoma in your dog.