How to Teach a Child to Behave around a New Parrot - dummies

How to Teach a Child to Behave around a New Parrot

Part of Parrots For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Incorporating a parrot into your family takes some adjustment from everyone, especially children. The tips in the following list can help your child — and anyone who isn’t familiar with birds — adjust to the newest, most feathered member of the family:

  • Use inside voices, but don’t whisper.

  • Talk to your new parrot. Get it used to the sound of your voice.

  • Don’t play with the bird too much in the first few days. Allow the bird to become acclimated.

  • Move slowly. Children tend to display sharp, quick movements which can scare parrots.

  • Be gentle. Never squeeze, hit, or throw the bird. Use slow, gentle movements.

  • Be compassionate and understanding. Teach your child that the bird is not a toy.

  • Teach your child not to be afraid of the bird. Fear will lead to an ignored and unhappy companion.

  • Don’t stick your fingers in the cage or tease the bird.

  • If the bird is afraid, it’s not personal. He’s just being a bird.

  • Offer the bird yummy treats to make friends with it.