Household Items Included with the Sale of a Home - dummies

Household Items Included with the Sale of a Home

Part of Buying and Selling a Home For Canadians Cheat Sheet

When buying a home in Canada, make sure that you know exactly which household items and appliances will be included with your purchase. The following three parts of the contract tell you just that, enabling the buyer and seller to agree on what will stay, and what will go.

  • Chattels: Chattels are items that are not structurally part of the house and can be removed, but you may want to include them in the sale. Commonly purchased chattels include major appliances such as the fridge and stove, but you can also include those drapes the sellers said they’d leave.

  • Fixtures: Fixtures are things that are affixed to the house, such as light fixtures, overhead fans, and built-in bookcases. Unless otherwise noted, fixtures are included in the purchase price of the home.

  • Rental items: Rental items are things that the sellers rented, like hot water heaters or propane tanks and security systems. They are not included in the house’s purchase price unless you and the seller agree that they are. The contract should note that the buyer will assume the lease and all lease obligations for the propane tanks or security system. If the seller has not provided copies of the rental or lease documents prior to you making your offer, make your offer subject to you receiving and approving the lease agreements as necessary.