Smoothing the Move into Your New Australian Home - dummies

Smoothing the Move into Your New Australian Home

By Karin Derkley

Part of Buying Property For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

After the excitement of finding and putting in a successful offer for your new property in Australia, follow these steps to an organised and anxiety-free move into your new home.

Six weeks before:

  • Sign and exchange contracts on your new home with the vendor.

  • Take out insurance on your new home if you’re not confident that the vendor has the property insured.

  • Begin keeping a record of your incoming mail to notify senders of your new address.

Five weeks before:

  • Finalise your moving date, avoiding weekends or school holidays if possible.

  • Contact removalists to organise the actual move.

  • Book some time off work for a few days before and after the move.

Four weeks before:

  • Throw out or give to the local op shop anything you don’t need to take to your new home — or have a garage sale.

  • Prepare a list of everything you’re taking to your new house and divide it into what is going into the removal truck and what you’re taking yourself.

  • Begin packing in labelled boxes those treasures you can live without for the next month.

  • Whether you’ve been renting or you’ve sold your property, contact a cleaner to give the property a professional clean, including steam-cleaning the carpets, after all your belongings are moved out of the house.

Two weeks before:

  • Pack together in a safe and easily accessible place important documents such as passports and anything to do with your new home.

  • Contact schools, libraries, your bank and insurance company about your change of address.

  • Confirm settlement progress with your solicitor.

One week before:

  • Notify your post office to have your mail redirected to your new address.

  • Arrange to have the power/gas/telephone and water utilities disconnected and reconnected in your new home.

  • Send ‘change of address’ cards to family and friends.

  • Ask friends to help with pets and children on moving day.

Two days before:

  • Empty and clean out the fridge.

  • Pack a box of items that you know you’re going to want to have handy when you get to your new house, such as a kettle, teabags and cups, and soap and towels.

  • Check with your solicitor where to drop off your old keys and pick up your new keys on settlement.

  • Confirm disconnection/reconnection dates with your utilities.

  • Confirm removal arrangements with your removalist.

On moving day:

  • Check the property just before handover to ensure the cleaners have left it spick and span.

  • Pick up your new set of keys.

  • Set up the beds first in your new home, plus a couch if you can.

  • Relax, and celebrate being in your new home.