Buying an Australian Property that’s Right for You - dummies

Buying an Australian Property that’s Right for You

By Karin Derkley

Part of Buying Property For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

Every home in Australia is different, but you can find some common elements that can make a property more appealing to future buyers or tenants. Consider looking for these property aspects, especially if you’re buying your first home with the idea of springboarding to a bigger and better property down the track:

  • Location near shops, schools and universities

  • Easy access to good roads and public transport to nearest town or city centre

  • Views over a park, water, the city lights or some other point of interest

  • A logical floor plan where space flows smoothly from one room to another without dead ends

  • A welcoming entrance — whether the porch and front door of a house or the lobby of a block of apartments

  • An outdoor entertaining area — even if it’s just a balcony

  • Abundant natural light — preferably from north-facing windows

  • Good heating or cooling system — depending on the climate

  • Storage — in the form of cupboards, cabinets, shelving and a shed