Deciding on a Region in Spain for Property Buying - dummies

Deciding on a Region in Spain for Property Buying

By Colin Barrow

Part of Buying a Property in Spain For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Spain is a big country, with surprisingly large differences between regions. Remember that each part of Spain has its own identity and lifestyle, so do your research and decide on the best place for you if you’re interested in buying property. Consider these factors:

  • Climate matters. You don’t get sunshine all the time and glorious beaches in every part of Spain. Many areas are very cold in the winter. You don’t even have to be in northern Spain to see snow: You can ski within an hour’s drive from Madrid.

  • Living costs and living standards. In much of Spain the cost of living is lower than in the UK. But some parts of Spain are more expensive than the UK.

  • Cultural fit. Foreigners find it harder to settle in some parts of Spain than in others. The Balearics, for example, see an exodus of foreigners in the winter. Some rural areas have no Brits in residence at all, while in other regions every second person is an ex-pat.

    If you are interested in buying an investment property to put in the hands of a property manager, then not having anything in common with your neighbours won’t bother you – but getting on with your neighbours is important if you are planning to live permanently in Spain.