Keeping Personal Data Secure in

Part of For Dummies Cheat Sheet goes to great lengths to keep your financial information safe and sound. Your role in security begins with building a strong password. Following are some tips to help create a strong password that will keep your data even more secure.

  • Mix of uppercase and lowercase letters: MiNtExAmPlE

  • Numbers and symbols: Mint!Password101

  • Combination of unrelated words: Taxi!Monkey

  • 14 or more characters: Choose!Strong1Passwords

  • First letters of long sentences: ILMFDIIAGB! Would be based on the phrase, “I Love For Dummies. It is a great book!”

  • Frequent changes: Try to change your password every few months. You might consider using a word and adding a date, such as password10/10 for October 2010. And then, 60 days later, change it to password01/11 for January 2011.

  • Numbers other than your Social Security Number or things connected with your e-mail address:If your e-mail address is, don’t use smarty or dummies as a password.