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Why Investing Online Is Worth Your While

By Matt Krantz

Investing used to be easy. Your friend would recommend a broker. You’d give your money to the broker and hope for the best. But today, thanks to the explosion of web-based investment information and low-cost online trading, you get to work a lot harder by taking charge of your investments. Lucky you!

So, is the additional work worth it? Taking the time to figure out how to invest online is worthwhile because

  • Investing online saves you money. Online trading is much less expensive than dealing with a broker. You’ll save tons on commissions and fees. (Say, why not invest that money you saved?)

  • Investing online gives you more control. Instead of entrusting someone else to reach your financial goals, you’ll be personally involved. It’s up to you to find out about all the investments at your disposal, but you’ll also be free to make decisions.

  • Investing online eliminates conflicts of interest. By figuring out how to invest and doing it yourself, you won’t have to worry about being given advice that might be in your advisors’ best interest and not yours.