Online Resources to Find Out More About Bonds

By Matt Krantz

One of the toughest things about bonds is just figuring out the vocabulary. Investors who focus on buying and selling stocks often struggle with the different terms when they enter the brave new world of bonds. It’s critical, though, for you to understand the lexicon of bonds before jumping in. Several websites step you through the bond world and can get you up to speed in no time.

Here’s the (relatively) short list:

  • Investopedia’s Bond Basics: This corner of Investopedia runs through everything you need to know to get started with bonds. The site covers the terminology and shows you how to calculate how much bonds are worth.

  • BondsOnline: This site conveniently pulls together all sorts of fixed-income securities information, ranging from articles about bonds to charts showing the interest rates paid by different types of bonds.

  • Investing in Bonds: The name says it all. Check out the site, shown here, for several well-written checklists and guides for beginning bond investors, and be sure to look on the right side of the page for the Learn More column. There you can find articles that cover bond basics and things you should know.

    Investing in Bonds answers most questions you might have when considering investing money in bonds
    Investing in Bonds answers most questions you might have when considering investing money in bonds of any type.
  • The Investment FAQ: This general-purpose investment site has dedicated a section to beginning bond information. Click the Bonds link from the site’s directory of categories and you find information on bond basics as well as more advanced information.

  • Yahoo! Finance: This corner of Yahoo! Finance provides all sorts of information on bonds, including an interest rate summary page and a bond screener to help you find bonds.

  • The Bond Buyer: This site tracks new developments in the bond world. You can follow trends in bonds and find out about new offerings.

  • You’d expect to have a Bonds section, and you’d be right. It provides updates during the day on the direction of the bond market and also summarizes news that is affecting bond prices.