Find Value or Growth Companies Using Morningstar’s Stock Screener

By Matt Krantz

As an online investor, you could go to the trouble of designing a convoluted set of criteria to find value and growth stocks. Morningstar’s Stock Screener has done the work for you. Morningstar’s Stock Screener helps you design a custom screen, but with some helpful handholding.

Here’s how:

  1. Point your browser to Morningstar’s screening tool.

    The Stock Screener page appears in all its glory.

  2. Choose the Growth or Value criteria you want from the Morningstar equity style box drop-down list.

    You could go for Large Value, for example. That’s the second item on the drop-down list from the top.

  3. Limit your search further if you want.

    You can narrow your search further, based on growth or profitability grades and other items.

  4. When you’re done, click the Show/Score Results tab at the top of the screener.

    You get a lovely list of results.