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Find Different Industries’ Best Companies Using Google Finance

By Matt Krantz

If you’re an online investor trying to figure out which companies in an industry are performing the best or worst, you can use Google Finance’s screening tool:

  1. Point your browser to Google Finance’s screening tool.

  2. From the Sector drop-down list, choose the industry you’re interested in.

  3. Increase your screening universe to define what you mean by a “best company.”

    The definition of a “best company” is in the eyes of the beholder. You might, for instance, want companies with a return on equity that’s higher than the industry’s. To find companies with an industry-beating return on equity, you’d first click the plus sign to the left of the Add Criteria link.

    Next, click the Operating Metrics link, select Return on Equity (5 yr avg) (%) to screen on the five-year average, and click the Add Criteria button. Finally, move the slider bar on the left side of the Return on Equity (5 yr avg) line so that you’re capturing only the companies with the best results.


  4. Add more variables.

    You can keep working your way down, adding different criteria if you choose. Just by clicking the Add Criteria link, you can choose stocks that miss, match, or exceed industry averages on a variety of things, including price–to–book value ratio, price-to-earnings ratio, debt loads, and many other items.