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Conferences for Day Traders

Although day trading is a deskbound pursuit, you may want to get out into the world to learn more about trading and research different companies with products for day traders. Many of the exchanges and larger day trading brokerage firms have their own seminars and conferences, but a few are open to the public.

Brokerage firms offering many seminars and training programs may have higher commissions than firms offering less service, but the additional expense may be worth it, especially as you’re getting started.

The Money Show

The Money Show is a series of investment conferences held in different major cities around the country. Some focus on specific topics, such as trading and foreign exchange, while others run the gamut. Registration is free, which means that, once you show up, people will be trying to sell you stuff.

Although these vendors can be distracting to an established trader, they can be helpful to new traders looking to find out more about all the different software and services available. The conferences also have high-profile speakers, so you can learn from Wall Street celebrities. The Money Show website includes articles, podcasts, and free online courses to help you learn more about trading.

Trading Forum

The Trading Forum is sponsored by Traders’ Library, which sells research materials and investing books. The conference isn’t cheap, but it covers specific trading strategies and information. It also offers a good introduction to trading. Although a bit pricey, the information is worth the money, especially if the conference happens to be close to where you live.