Brokers for Day Trading in the Options and Futures Markets - dummies

Brokers for Day Trading in the Options and Futures Markets

To effectively day trade options and futures, you need an account with a broker that has direct access to the exchanges’ electronic communications networks. Several full-service firms offer that service, as do the brokers listed here, which specialize in these particular markets.

Infinity Futures

Infinity Futures offers software-based trading in the options, futures, and foreign exchange markets; it also has trading education services and access to live brokers who can answer questions. Customers can choose from several platforms, depending on trading needs. The firm particularly supports traders working in the stock index futures offered by the CME Group.

MB Trading

MB Trading handles stocks and foreign exchange as well as derivatives, but the company is best known for its services for foreign exchange traders. The company seems to add features constantly.

The firm has both software and web platforms, training programs, community features, and customer alert setting to help you find trades that suit your system. In addition, MB Trading offers a lot of support for developers who want to build software around its platform.


OptionsHouse was founded by a major options trading firm and has its offices on the original Chicago Board of Trade trading floor. Between that pedigree and the company’s name, it’s no surprise that it offers direct access web-based trading in options and their underlying stocks.

Its software tools are designed to help you identify and analyze profitable opportunities in the options market. The firm also has online training programs, blogs, and other information to help you learn more about options and different strategies for trading them.


The company optionsXpress is designed for people trading options and the stocks underlying them. It offers a lot of educational services and live customer support as well as phone apps, if you’re so inclined. The optionsXpress platform has changed over the years as the company adds more services to meet customer demand. One of its nifty features is an automatic execution service for subscribers of participating research services.


TradeMONSTER is designed for options and futures traders, although this broker handles stock and mutual fund trades as well. The company offers a suite of tools to help traders do research, develop and test strategies, and refine them over time. Some of its features are wonderfully practical, like the ability to re-arrange the data windows across multiple screens to suit your preferences.