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4 Top Canadian Websites for ETF Advice

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More and more Canadian investors are checking out exchange-traded funds as a means of lowering their investment costs and diversifying their portfolios. Of course, finding accessible, trustworthy advice can be difficult; in the world of finance, there is often more misinformation than information circulating online. The following are some Canadian-specific websites you can rely on to keep you informed and up to date on ETFs and other investment issues:

  • MoneySense: Canada’s premier personal finance magazine is a big proponent of ETFs. The site is filled with plenty of must-read info on the index-tracking security, but you’ll also find insightful stories on other investing and finance issues.

  • Canadian Couch Potato: This blog, written by Toronto-based personal finance writer Dan Bortolotti, is a stellar source for Canadian ETF news and commentary.

  • Globe and Mail: Globe Investor’s ETF page offers useful news and performance information. Find out which funds are making money or losing big.

  • Morningstar: Thorough information on individual funds, along with Morningstar’s trademarked rating system.