How to Boost Your Household Income - dummies

How to Boost Your Household Income

When you can’t make ends meet with expense cuts, look at income. You, your partner, and any children you have can generate additional income — income that can soften the money woes that come with a dicey economy.

  • Make the most of moonlighting. Assuming your current agreement with your employer doesn’t rule it out as an option, moonlighting (holding a second regular job, in addition to your main job) can help you get the extra cash you need. If you don’t have a marketable skill, you can still earn some extra money by taking on a second job at a local restaurant or store. Do it regularly enough, and you have a steady additional flow of income.

Don’t plan on the extra money unless you always get the extra work or are very confident that you’ll be able to hustle up side jobs. Develop a plan that doesn’t take into account the sporadic moonlighting money, but use that money to help you reach your goals earlier than the plan calls for.

  • Put other family members to work. When your family is facing a financial crisis, everybody of working age can pull together and contribute his or her fair share to get the family back on its feet. Simply explain what’s going on, ask them to assist you and be part of the solution, and share your plan with them.