Your Landscaping Hardiness Zone - dummies

Your Landscaping Hardiness Zone

By Phillip Giroux, Bob Beckstrom, Lance Walheim, The Editors of the National Gardening Association

Part of Landscaping For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When choosing plants for your landscaping, be sure to select plants suited for your weather zone. Most perennials are marked with a hardiness zone to indicate the minimum temperatures it can tolerate. Note the plant’s hardiness for the best growing and ability to survive the winter. Use this table to find your area’s hardiness zone:

Plant Hardiness Zones for the U.S.
Fahrenheit Celsius
Zone 1 Below –50°F Below –46°C
Zone 2 –50°F to –40°F –46°C to –40°C
Zone 3 –40°F to –30°F –40°C to –34°C
Zone 4 –30°F to –20°F –34°C to –29°C
Zone 5 –20°F to –10°F –29°C to –23°C
Zone 6 –10°F to 0°F –23°C to –18°C
Zone 7 0°F to 10°F –18°C to –12°C
Zone 8 10°F to 20°F –12°C to –7°C
Zone 9 20°F to 30°F –7°C to –1°C
Zone 10 30°F to 40°F –1°C to 4°C
Zone 11 40°F and up 4°C and up