How to Plant a Strawberry Pot - dummies

By Bill Marken, Suzanne DeJohn, The Editors of the National Gardening Association

Strawberry pots, also called strawberry jars or pocket planters, have holes cut into the sides as well as an open top. The pots come in a range of sizes, but most have between 8 and 15 pockets sized for small plants, including herbs and flowers. Alternating themes or repeating patterns work well if you don’t want a different plant in each slot.

1Place a piece of window screen over the bottom drain hole, and add potting mix.

The ideal soil level is just under the lowest row of openings.

2Carefully slip the roots through the opening.

Gently pull from inside the jar if necessary.

3Fill in with soil up to the level of each pocket as you plant.

Firm soil around the roots, and pack it down around the plant in the mouth of each pocket. Repeat for all pockets.

4Plant the top of the jar with the remaining plants.

Buy enough plants for all the pockets, including one to four plants for the mouth at the top. Six-pack plants are the ideal size for the side openings.

5Immediately water the top and each pocket.

Replace any soil that washes away.