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Swimming while Pregnant

Some pregnant women find walking uncomfortable, particularly in the third trimester, so they switch to lower-impact activities such as swimming. In fact, some pregnant women say that the only time they feel really comfortable is in the water.

Be sure to get your doctor’s permission before embarking on a prenatal exercise program. Some high-risk conditions do rule out exercise during pregnancy.

Here are some benefits to swimming while pregnant:

  • You don’t have to worry about your balance during a water workout.

  • The water supports your weight and the weight of your baby, too, taking the stress off your lower back.

  • Water also reduces the effect of gravity, lessening pressure on your joints. And nothing is more calming and soothing than gliding through the water.

  • Swimming can even help reduce pregnancy-related swelling. Plus, you can’t possibly fall while you’re in the water.

Meanwhile, you can still get a great workout. You can run in the pool, swim laps, and tone your muscles with special equipment like webbed gloves and foam dumbbells. As your pregnancy progresses, you may need to modify your water workouts. Using a kickboard may become uncomfortable because it forces you to arch your back, which can trigger back pain. The frog kick (used in the breaststroke) may also cause discomfort.

Don’t forget to drink water — you can get dehydrated even in the pool. When you’re responsible for someone else’s life, too, it’s especially important to stay healthfully hydrated.