How to Reverse Negative Thoughts during Postpartum Depression

By Shoshana S. Bennett, Mary Jo Codey

Part of Postpartum Depression For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Postpartum depression constantly fills your head with negative thoughts that bring you down. One of the tricks to recovering as quickly as possible is to catch the negatives as fast as you can and turn them around into positives.

Thoughts that Weaken Thoughts that Strengthen
I’m a bad mother. I’m a good mother who needs help.
I’ll never get well. This feels bad, but it’s temporary — I will be well.
I’m a weak person. A symptom of depression is feeling weak. This isn’t weakness
— it’s illness.
I’m all alone. I have support. There are people who care about me.
This depression is my fault. I didn’t cause this depression, and I’m trying to get