Items for Your Labour and Delivery in Australia and New Zealand

Part of Pregnancy For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australia/New Zealand Edition)

During your pregnancy, pack portable items you’re likely to need for your labour, birth and hospital stay in a bag and keep it in a handy place or in your car. For your trip to the hospital in Australia or New Zealand you need:

  • A camera and video camera (don’t forget your chargers)

  • Copy of your birth plan

  • Drinks — fruit juice, soup, tea or water

  • Face cloth — ideal to cool your neck and face

  • Health insurance information and Medicare card — Australia only

  • Hot pack/hot water bottle/wheat pack

  • Large T-shirt (much more comfortable than a hospital gown)

  • Light nourishing food for you and support people

  • Lip balm or lanolin

  • Lollies such as barley sugar

  • Massage oil — almond, olive or vegetable oil

  • Maternity pads and several pairs of underpants

  • Mobile phone and charger

  • Pillows (in case of a shortage or restriction)

  • Pregnancy hand-held record

  • Radio, CE or mp3 player, if you find music relaxing

  • Socks to warm cold feet

  • Swimmers for your partner to wear when assisting you under the shower or in the spa