Insomnia during Your Third Trimester - dummies

Insomnia during Your Third Trimester

By Joanne Stone, Keith Eddleman, Mary Duenwald

During the last few months of pregnancy, many women find sleeping difficult. Finding a comfortable position when you’re eight months along isn’t easy. You feel a little like a beached whale. Getting up five times a night to go to the bathroom doesn’t make things any easier. However, you may find relief in the following:

  • Drink warm milk with honey before bedtime. Warming the milk releases tryptophan, a naturally occurring amino acid that makes you sleepy; the honey causes you to produce insulin, which also makes you drowsy. Leave the honey out, however, if you have gestational diabetes.

  • Exercise during the day. Activity helps to tire you out, which means you’ll fall asleep sooner.

  • Go to bed a little later than usual. You’ll spend less time trying to fall asleep.

  • Limit your liquid intake after 6 p.m. Don’t limit it to the point that you become dehydrated, however.

  • Invest in a body pillow. You can tuck it around your body in various places, making it easier to find a comfortable position. You can get a body pillow in almost any department store.

  • Take a warm, relaxing bath before going to bed. Many women say a bath helps make them feel sleepy.