How to Plant a Phone Tree for Your Baby's Birth - dummies

How to Plant a Phone Tree for Your Baby’s Birth

By Mathew Miller, Sharon Perkins

Spreading the news far and wide can be both exhausting and time-consuming. Luckily dads can use a phone tree to spread the news. After a delivery, you and your partner likely won’t be up for talking to everyone you know. Nor will you have the time! Nonetheless, everyone you know will request to be alerted within seconds after baby’s arrival into the world.

Here are some simple tips to make a phone tree, which requires you to make only one call in order for the news of baby’s arrival to begin branching out into the world.

  1. Gather all the names and phone numbers of people you want contacted after your baby is born.

  2. Start a list, with the first person as your primary contact.

    He or she is the one person you call upon baby’s arrival.

  3. Write two names side by side under the primary contact.

    These are the people your primary contact will call.

  4. Branching off those two people, write two more names under each.

    The two people your primary contact calls will each have these two phone calls to make.

  5. Continue making the phone tree, assigning each person two calls.

    Obviously, it works best if people call other people they know, if possible.

  6. Pass out copies of the phone tree to everyone on the list and tell them that when they get the call, they’re responsible for calling the next two people right away.

    The phone tree still works if your callers have to leave phone messages, but the delay will slow down the rest of the communication.

If your list of contacts is short, consider having each person call just one other person.