Eating Healthy and Avoiding Empty Calories While Pregnant - dummies

Eating Healthy and Avoiding Empty Calories While Pregnant

By Catherine Cram, Tere Stouffer Drenth

Part of Fit Pregnancy For Dummies Cheat Sheet

During your pregnancy, adding 300 high-quality calories daily will provide the best environment for your baby. Stay away from unhealthy choices and choose nutritious snacks and meals. Instead of reaching for a candy bar or french fries, refer to this table for some wholesome options for you and your baby.

300 Empty Calories 300 Nutritious Calories
One large Coke at McDonald’s Three cups of skim milk or three cups of orange juice or five
single-serve cans of low-sodium V-8 or other tomato juice
Starbucks’ Everything bagel with no toppings One medium bagel (store-bought; not the super-sized kind at
many bagel shops) with two tablespoons of light cream cheese
Three-quarters of a Krispy Kreme glazed cream-filled
One cup of low-calorie, high-fiber cereal with 1/2 cup skim
milk or two and a half cups of fat-free yogurt
Dunkin’ Donuts chocolate frosted cake doughnut Omelet made with low-cholesterol egg substitute, veggies, and 1
ounce low-fat cheese or two cups of unsweetened oatmeal
Small order of hash brown rounds at Burger King Six full-size, fat-free rice cakes with 1 tablespoon peanut
Two to three ounces of potato chips One piece of pita bread, cut into small triangle wedges and
dipped in 1/4 cup of hummus
Small fries at Burger King Three cups of chicken noodle soup or one and three-quarter cups
of split pea soup
Medium order of onion rings at Burger King Two bean burritos (each one containing one tortilla; 1/4 cup
vegetarian-style, low-fat refried beans; salsa; 1 tablespoon
fat-free sour cream)
Regular hamburger at McDonald’s Turkey sandwich (two slices of whole-wheat bread; 4 ounces of
turkey breast; mustard)
Hot & Spicy chicken thigh at KFC Twelve ounces (3/4 pound) of skinless chicken breast, broiled
or baked
One-tenth of a large Godfather’s pizza Five to seven cups of broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, squash,
zucchini, peppers, and other green vegetables
Two ounces of tortilla chips (about 16 chips) with salsa Two ounces of peanuts (about 80 peanuts)
One-quarter cup of chocolate chips Four cups of fresh or frozen (unsweetened) blueberries
One and a half energy bars (such as Clifs or PowerBar) Three medium bananas
Four sheets of low-fat graham crackers Eight tangerines or plums
Five Oreo cookies Five fruit-only frozen juice bars
One Snickers candy bar Seventy-five fresh grapes (frozen grapes are good, too) or one
and a half cups of skim-milk pudding