A Typical Schedule for Prenatal Visits and Tests - dummies

A Typical Schedule for Prenatal Visits and Tests

By Joanne Stone, Keith Eddleman, Mary Duenwald

Part of Pregnancy For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To ensure the health of you and your baby, you’ll need to schedule regular visits to your doctor during your pregnancy. Use this guideline for making your appointments and understanding common procedures for each visit:

Weeks Possible Tests
6–8 Blood type, rubella titer, blood counts, hepatitis screen,
10–12 Doppler detection of fetal heart, CVS, if planned.
11–14 First trimester screen/Nuchal translucency (11–12 weeks
is best) cell-free fetal DNA test is appropriate.
15–18 Second trimester serum screen (sometimes called quad screen);
amniocentesis (if planned).
18–22 Ultrasound to evaluate fetal anatomy.
24–28 Glucose screen to check for gestational diabetes.
28–36 Every-other-week visits to check blood pressure, weight, urine
protein, and fetal growth.
36–40 Weekly visits to check all the above and to assess fetal
position. Some practitioners do internal exams to check the cervix;
some do a vaginal/rectal culture for group B streptococcus.
40–?? Twice-weekly visits to assure fetal well-being.