The Benefits of Being Consistent with Exercise - dummies

The Benefits of Being Consistent with Exercise

By Dan DeFigio

Consistency is one of the most important parts of making an exercise program work for you. This is a cause-and-effect universe, so you can’t expect any improvements if you don’t put in the time and effort to get them.

Exercise programming is based on the concept of progressive overload — taxing the body just a little bit more than it considers normal so that it’s forced to adapt to the new demands that are imposed on it. That’s how your body gradually gets stronger, healthier, and in better physical condition. Here are some benefits you can expect to gain from your continued progress:

  • Activities of daily life improve with higher levels of fitness.

  • Balance, quick reactions, and proprioception (body awareness) are strong deterrents to injury.

  • Bone density improvements are markedly better with heavier weights and athletic moves like jumping.

  • Fit people burn more fat when they exercise than unfit people.

  • High levels of fitness improve your immune system.

  • Higher levels of fitness open the door to more exercise options, thus avoiding boredom and burnout.

  • It feels really good to be able to run as fast as your kids or to beat your husband in a push-up contest!

  • Muscle content has more anti-aging impact than stress or genetics.

  • You burn more calories with a higher-intensity exercise session.

  • You experience more health benefits with higher levels of fitness.