Sugar: The New Poison - dummies

By Dan DeFigio

The epidemic of obesity and diabetes in the Western world has three main causes: the sugar content in food, inactivity, and increased overall calorie consumption. Combining all three, as has happened over the years, creates the perfect storm for a health and wellness catastrophe.

Sugar abuse can lead to a myriad of health problems, including weight gain, diabetes, depressed immunity, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, cancer, tooth decay, yeast infections, liver disease, depression, chronic fatigue, increased appetite, and metabolic syndrome. If a pharmaceutical company put a pill on the drugstore shelves that could cause all those side effects, an outcry would ensue, followed by quick action to get the pill removed from the public’s reach!

But sugar is a food product, even though it has drug-like effects. It’s cheap, it’s abundant, and people love it. Sugar is pervasive in our society, and therein lies the problem.

As of this writing, sugar consumption in the United States has risen to approximately 130 pounds per person every year. That’s almost 650 calories of added sugar every day! The average American drinks a staggering 53 gallons of soft drinks per year. Americans consume ten times more sugar than any other food additive.

The biggest culprits in the Western food supply are sweetened beverages, candy, and baked goods. Those account for approximately three-fourths of the total sugar that people consume. So by cutting out junk food like that, you can easily reduce your sugar consumption by 75 percent!