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Sugar Addict Type: The Sugar Stalker

By Dan DeFigio

Out of all the addicts, the Sugar Stalker is most physically addicted to sugar — meaning true chemical/physiological addiction. The Sugar Stalker’s taste buds have been overstimulated and desensitized to the point of finding nothing but the most over-sugared, sickly sweet treats to be even remotely satisfying.

If you’re a Sugar Stalker, your life revolves around sugar to the point where your eyes light up and your mouth starts to water at the very mention of something sweet. Sugar Stalkers eat a stream of sugar throughout the day, starting with a high-sugar breakfast of sweetened coffee, pastries, or fruit juice.

Sweet snacks like candies and cookies are the norm, and the thought of drinking something that isn’t sweetened — even water — turns their stomach.

Sugar Stalkers, like many people addicted to a given substance, act impulsively when presented with their object of addiction. They can’t say no when offered something sweet and have a hard time knowing when to say when.

Interestingly, Sugar Stalkers are very often shy, introverted people despite the outward appearance of being very social and having many friends. Many suffer from self-esteem problems even though they display a bubbly personality on the outside.

If you’re a Sugar Stalker, you need to quit sweetened drinks cold turkey. Your taste buds and the dopamine reward center in your brain need to be re-sensitized to what normal food tastes like, and sweet drinks — even diet sodas with no actual sugar — make that impossible.

You also need to redefine dessert. To gradually disengage from the habit of having to have something sweet after every meal, start substituting sweet things that are healthier — a few berries or grapes instead of cake, for example.

Portion control is another thing that helps you get off sugar. If you’re a Sugar Stalker, it’s important for you to apportion your healthier sweets so you’re not tempted to keep eating. Never eat from a package; put your allowance on a plate instead, and that’s all you get.

Two bites are all that most people need to be satisfied — any more just adds extra calories without extra satisfaction. Try one piece (and only one!) of dark chocolate or maltitol-sweetened, sugar-free chocolate, and let it melt in your mouth for a long time.