How to Introduce Raw Food to Friends and Family - dummies

How to Introduce Raw Food to Friends and Family

By Cherie Soria, Dan Ladermann

Part of Raw Food For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You may find that your friends and family are a little reluctant to try raw foods. By considering these do’s and don’ts, you can reduce their anxiety about how your new lifestyle may impact them:

  • Don’t be preachy or pushy! An aggressive attitude doesn’t win friends or influence people. Instead, offer your family and guests delicious raw foods that you know they’ll love and let them open the door and ask questions if they’re interested in knowing the why and what of raw food.

  • Prepare recipes that include familiar and favorite foods. Rather than forcing your food choices on others, make foods for others that you know they like. (Who doesn’t love fresh salsa and guacamole or fresh veggies and dip?) If the raw options are delicious and you can avoid judging others on what they’re eating, you may find that your family and friends are willing to try the new foods you prepare.

  • Introduce delicious green smoothies and juices. Nutrient-packed smoothies and juices are delicious raw options for newbies. It’s tough to argue the convenience of getting vital vitamins and minerals from these quick and easy treats — no matter how much raw a person chooses to consume each day. Even kids often enjoy making and consuming raw smoothies and juices.

  • Make an irresistible raw dessert or treat every week. Choose a raw version of a traditional sweet treat that your family enjoys and invite the kids to help make it. Raw desserts are remarkably delicious because they’re prepared with fresh whole ingredients.

  • Get your family involved in the kitchen. Encourage others to help you prepare raw meals. People of almost all ages and cooking abilities can peel vegetables, decorate the table, and help choose menu items, and your family is more likely to enjoy eating a raw meal if they’ve helped make it.