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Countering the “War on Food” Mentality

By Dan DeFigio

When it comes to food, not following the herd can be challenging. If you announce to your friends and family that you’ve decided to overcome your addiction to sugar, be prepared for some unexpected reactions. Though some people will congratulate you and wish you the best, others will react as if you’re declaring war on their own favorite foods.

Be prepared for people who you thought were your friends to make fun of you, to tell you you’re crazy, or to harrumph about how you’ll never be able to sustain the low-sugar lifestyle. Do your best to ignore these people, and let them have their own issues; it’s not your mission to gather approval from every person you know.

When you’re met with skepticism, don’t fall victim to other people’s fears and negativity. Keep in mind that you’re not completely banning sugar from your life; you’re just changing the way you usually do things and making better decisions across the board.

Eating better isn’t a big hairy monster that you’re required to battle at every meal. Taking better care of yourself is merely a series of ongoing smart decisions that lead you where you want to go, both physically and emotionally. Focus on consistency, not on waging war against food.