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Common Mistakes Sugar Addicts Make When Eating Socially

By Dan DeFigio

A handful of social situations often crop up that can destroy your nutrition plan if you’re not careful. If you can avoid these common pitfalls, you’ll have a much easier time keeping the event from turning into an eating disaster:

  • Eating everything you’re given: Many events have a constant flow of food coming at you from all directions, much of it carbohydrates. News flash — you don’t have to eat everything that someone hands you. Choose your snacks wisely.

  • Playing the “I’ll have some if you have some” game: People often look toward another’s behavior to give them permission to eat dessert or junk food. Just because your friend wants some dessert doesn’t mean you’re obligated to eat some, too.

    It’s not rude for one person not to eat something that others are eating, so don’t fall into the social trap of using what others do as an excuse not to make your own decisions.

  • Staying near the food all night: People love to congregate in the kitchen or near the buffet line, but conversations don’t have to stay there all night. You can be the one who invites people to move to a different area by saying something like, “Let’s move away from these cookies before I eat them all.”

    You may even be helping out some other folks who may be trying to clean up their eating, too. If you stand and talk next to the brownie plate all night, you’re just asking for trouble!