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Mind-Body Foundations Lead to Balanced Life

By Therese Iknoian

Mind-Body wellness is all about benefits to the mind and the body. So if you’re a newcomer to mind-body movement of any kind — say, you’ve never even done something like Yoga — you may want to take a look at some basics before you forge ahead. These concepts are important to know in some way so that you can move on to Mind-Body wellness with a better base of knowledge.

Practicing Mind-Body techniques are like building a house. First, you have to build the mindful foundation. Next you can start putting up the framework — the basis of the principles and parts of a wellness practice. Then, and only then, can you safely and securely add the roof and the walls — which are the movements and the forms of your practice.

You can decorate your house by deepening your practice and truly immersing yourself in the more-advanced forms of the practice you choose — and its philosophy. But you add these decorations after you build your mind-body wellness house (just as putting flowers on the windowsill or shutters on the window isn’t the first thing you do).

You may hear about new mind-body theories and concepts from different practitioners and teachers. Good! These principles and tenets can only add to your practice. They are a good place to jump off and start your journey to wellness. There are a million different ways to slice a cake. So enjoy this slice. And next time you can enjoy another slice as you build toward wellness!

Begin your wellness journey by looking at a mindful foundation that is the first step toward a wellness foundation. There are five areas in which to build this foundation:

  • Breath: Full, deep, conscious, and grounded

  • Relaxation: Loose and without stress for even more power

  • Alignment: Relaxed, yet strong, and rooted firmly to the ground, while sensing nearly a suspension from above

  • Visualization: Using your mind for your purpose, with control

  • Energy: Connecting to your energy, others’ energy, and the earth’s energy