How to Remember a Name - dummies

By John B. Arden

Part of Improving Your Memory For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Most people complain about forgetting names, mostly because they haven’t taken the right steps to remember a name when hearing it for the first time. Follow these steps to improve your memory for names:

  • Pay attention. Make sure that you hear the name clearly. If you don’t, ask him to repeat it.

  • Give the name special meaning. Connect the name with some aspect of his physical appearance or personality by:

    • Exaggerating: Imagining an artist drawing a caricature of the person and highlighting that one physical feature

    • Associating: Linking that one physical feature with some aspect of his personality, such as the way he moves or expresses himself or wears his clothes.

  • Repeat the name. Use it in conversation with him — but don’t overdo it. Repeat the name silently to yourself.

  • Review afterward. Think again about the clever association you’ve made between his name and some aspect of his appearance or personality.