How to Beat Insomnia with Yoga - dummies

How to Beat Insomnia with Yoga

By Larry Payne, Georg Feuerstein

This Yoga exercise is for people who suffer from insomnia but have an active imagination. Instead of watching your mind weave tale after tale when you can’t sleep at night, why not recruit your imagination for the purpose of falling soundly asleep? Here’s how.

If you’re claustrophobic, this exercise may not necessarily work for you. But before giving up, you may first want to try evoking feelings of security and comfort, as when in a mother’s womb or a favorite place in nature.

  1. Prepare yourself for sleep, and lie down comfortably in bed in any position.

  2. With closed eyes, breathe evenly through your nose for a while.

  3. Now visualize yourself snugly enfolded in a protective cocoon of purple.

  4. While feeling safe in your purple environment, visualize a thin line of white light extending from the crown of your head to your solar plexus, just below your navel.

This technique is useful and can be applied anytime and anywhere. This technique works even while traveling on a plane, with the jets roaring next to your ears. Just tell the flight attendant not to disturb you while you’re sleeping and you should be able to catch some much needed sleep.