How to Do the Pilates Hip-Up Position - dummies

How to Do the Pilates Hip-Up Position

By Ellie Herman

The Hip-Up position is both a position and a fundamental exercise in Pilates. Here, you see how to form the Hip-Up position, which is a basic movement in Pilates that is used in many different Pilates exercises.

By lifting your hips, you strengthen your lower abdominal muscles (and your butt muscles as well, if you squeeze your butt on the way up). The Hip-Up can be very challenging for those with a weak tummy, a tight back, or a large lower body.

If you have a neck injury, proceed with caution. Skip this position if it causes any strain on your neck.

Follow these steps to form the Hip-Up position in Pilates:

  1. Lie on your back with your legs up, your knees bent and your feet crossed, and your arms down by your sides.

  2. Rock back and lift your hips up by using your low Abdominal Scoop.

    The Hip-Up position in Pilates.
    The Hip-Up position in Pilates.